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About the International Institute for Climate Action


The International Institute for Climate Action (IICA) is the first association of skillful experts in the fields of climate change and politics in the Republic of Croatia and the region.

Founded in 2012, the aim of the Institute is to provide assistance to the business community in combating climate change, reducing CO2 emissions, and introducing the Low Carbon Strategy, the Adaptation Strategy, and the European Green Plan into business processes. This way, we assist in their sustainable, green economic development and growth, while simultaneously preserving the environment and climate.

As prominent actors in global climate policies, we were the first to receive the rights to comprehensive international education in the ESG field, starting in 2020 along with our partners, “Exponential Education” and IASE.







What we do

IICA – ESG owns the rights to international education in the field of ESG for business and finance, developed by “Exponential Education” which awards certificates for the following professions:




This is the first comprehensive education that covers all three ESG criteria, created by 100 professors from all over the world, including three Nobel laureates, covering three levels:


Level 1 – ESG Finance / Business Advisor


Level 2 – ESG Finance / Business Specialist


Level 3 – ESG Finance / Business Expert


All education candidates are obliged to comply with the IICA – ESG Code of Ethics, containing a set of principles that ensure the maintenance of high standards of moral integrity, honesty, and ethically just behavior, and enter our registry of ESG experts.


The key to ensuring public trust is ethics as the foundation of expertise, as well as ethical behavior. Failure to comply with the Code of Ethics may lead to disciplinary measures and the risk of adverse publicity for the member and his organization.


Inappropriate behavior of individuals and organizations causes personal as well as environmental damage.
The environment is the basic concern and foundation of the IICA organization, for whose protection the ESG criteria were established, after which their implementation became legally binding.

IICA – ESG, in agreement with world-renowned partners, establishes and implements education that is aligned with the highest global, professional, and ethical standards with the goal of educating experts who can bring progress in development to the organization while preserving the environment!

We are here for YOU, for your professional education and training in the context of ESG.

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Education schedule

ESG education schedule for preparing candidates for ISB and ISF certifications is as follows:

Level 1

Jan - Mar 2023

Start date: 30 Jan 2023

End date: 12 Mar 2023

Price: €500,00

Apr - June 2023

Start date: 24 Apr 2023

End date: 4 Jun 2023

Price: €500,00

Sep - Oct 2023

Start date: 04 Sep 2023

End date: 15 Oct 2023

Price: €500,00

Oct - Dec 2023

Start date: 23 Oct 2023

End date: 03 Dec 2023

Price: €500,00

Level 2

Jan - Apr 2023

Start date: 09 Jan 2023

End date: 09 Apr 2023

Price: €850,00

Apr - Jul 2023

Start date: 10 Apr 2023

End date: 02 Jul 2023

Price: €850,00

Jul - Sep 2023

Start date: 03 Jul 2023

End date: 24 Sep 2023

Price: €850,00

Sep - Dec 2023

Start date: 25 Sep 2023

End date: 17 Dec 2023

Price: €850,00


The online course is held for 8 weeks (Monday – Friday) with an expected daily involvement of at least 45 minutes, corresponding to a total of 30 hours of online training.

Area of activity

IICA – ESG has a network of non-profit organizations in 7 countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Slovenia, and Serbia.

International Institute for Climate Action

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10 000 Zagreb

Republic of Croatia



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