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IICA – ESG along with the global partner “Exponential Education” carries out EDUCATION and complies with the highest global, professional and ethical standards for professionals dealing with sustainability as well as all those who strive for a professional level.

Our education is the first comprehensive education in the world that contains a detailed analysis of all three ESG criteria for the profession:


Our education for ESG – SUSTAINABILITY OFFICER can represent a significant advancement to your professional development, significantly improve your career potential, and create prestige in your profession.

As an expert, you will have access to technical and market knowledge as well as practical assistance for your ongoing and professional development.

In addition, you will fit into a huge network of like-minded experts, that are in our registry.


The world of ESG and sustainability is both diverse and exciting, with plenty of room for improvement, which makes working in this field extremely fulfilling. In the field of ESG and sustainability, we provide online academic qualifications as well as the possibilities of continuous professional development.

With the mentioned education, you can apply for the prestigious ISF and ISB certificates, since individuals who complete the education that the Institute provides meet the professional standards and international reference requirements for certification.


The Institute works with employers to support employees’ professional development by providing a variety of online training solutions.

That includes strategic collaborations with organizations to develop online training and development programs that are focused on your unique business needs.

We have deep knowledge and vast experience in the personal development of people in the ESG sector.


Since we share a common primary interest in supporting the public interest, IICA – ESG as the main international expert body for setting standards for the profession of sustainability and climate change is continuously engaged in advocacy and cooperation with international and regional organizations, governments and non-governmental organizations on topics related to ESG and sustainability rules and standards.

Thus, we help others realize the crucial role that competent experts can play in ensuring the desired results of all other participating actors.


IICA – ESG – EXPONENTIAL EDUCATION – EDUCATION was designed in consultation with experienced experts from the sector and in cooperation with 100 professors from all over the world, three of are Nobel laureates.

This type of e-Learning education enables you to learn in a way that you can adapt to your own needs.

EDUCATION: suitable for international certification

This education prepares you for TWO international certificates:


International sustainable finance (ISF)


International Sustainable Business (ISB)


With this type of education, you can apply for the correlating certificates at (www.iasecertifications.com) within one of the most respected global certification bodies in order to demonstrate your commitment to competent and ethical ESG practice on a global scale.

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