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Hrvoje Novosel

Hrvoje Novosel

Member of the board

Following the completion of a math/IT curriculum at the Karlovac General High School, Hrvoje Novosel graduated from high school in Karlovac in 1991. From 1991 to 1996 he studied economics at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Zagreb, majoring in management.

During his career he attended numerous finance, management and project management education courses. He also completed the General Management Program at ZSEM, the Basel II program at the Bocconi School, as well as a number of other courses, such as ATTF Luxembourg’s Credit Assessment and Credit Management, RR. & CO. Knowledge Center Ltd. Slovenia, European Union – School for Practical Preparation of EU Grant Projects, RRIF’s Independent Accountant Training, and eventually the Mini MBA program at the PWC Academy.

His business career began in 1997 with Oriflame Croatia, and continued in 1997 with the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (HBOR), where he initially took the position of credit officer at the Credit Division. At that time he was in charge of processing and approving loans, guarantees, bills of exchange and other banking products.

In that role, he participated in the financing of a series of projects such as guarantees for the purchase of agricultural products, mitigation of the effects of VAT introduction (in particular lending to large corporates), infrastructural investments, renewable energy and environmental preservation investments, initiation of investment in entrepreneurship in former war-torn areas, remediation of disadvantaged businesses, introduction of financial restructuring programs, export and export preparation, project lending in co-operation with the Croatian development funds, and financing of the Republic of Croatia’s projects and reconstruction of war-damaged houses. He also engaged in foreclosures.

In 2001 he became the Head of Large Corporates Department, and in the beginning of 2004 the founder and the first Managing Director at the Credit Analysis Department. From 2006 to end 2007 he was acting Executive Director at the Analysis Division, and from 2011 to date he has worked as Managing Director in charge of the Business Process Management Department.

As such, he has led the business process modelling and analysis project, then continued with the introduction of best practices in organizational management, process approach implementation and business change management, process analysis, identification of change priorities, design, implementation and control of improved business processes and solutions. As part of his lifelong engagement, besides the management team, he has been an active participant in the identification, organization and implementation of new regulations, methodologies, products and organizational changes in the area of risk, credit analysis, sales and organization, and in general banking business. He is also closely involved in the State aid regulation and requirements.

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