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Hrvoje Novosel

Hrvoje Novosel

Expert in finance, banking, strategic planning and project management

Expert in the financial aspects of Climate Change

Hrvoje Novosel works as the financial director of the company within Croatian Railways. For most of his working life, he worked as a financial expert in development banking. More than 25 years of experience in product sales management, risk management and project management. He participated in financing a series of guarantee projects, mitigating the effects of VAT, special lending to large business entities, infrastructure projects, renewable energy and environmental preservation, corporate restructuring, financial restructuring and export credit.

Graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Business – University of Zagreb, majoring in management. He has also attended numerous finance, management and project management educations (General Management Program ZSEM, Bocconi School, Basel II, ATTF Luxembourg, RR & CO. Slovenia, RRIF, Mini PWC Academy Croatia).

Međunarodni institut za klimatske aktivnosti

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